Game Time

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Graur Razvan Ionut

Thanks to Rainy Day Goods, I read about a game that is circulating through the cloud where you set your iTunes to shuffle and list the first 15 songs in the order that they come editing! Sounded fun so I'm giving it a spin:

1) Nutrition-The Dead Milkmen
2) Mr. Zebra-Tori Amos (YES!! forgot how much I dig this song!)
3) Honey Child-Royal Crown Review
4) Numbers-GLove and Special Sauce
5) Walk a Mile-Holly Golightly
6) It Overtakes Me-The Flaming Lips
7) Drunk Drivin'-Sublime
8) Octavo Dia-Shakira (What? Don't judge me)
9) Footsteps-Pearl Jam (YES! So love this one too)
10)Well Thought Out Twinkles-Silversun Pickups
11) An Open Letter To NYC-The Beastie Boys
12)Nobody But Me-Save Ferris
13)Los Angeles-Counting Crows
14)Fascination Street-The Cure
15)That's How I knew This Story Would Break My Heart-Aimee Mann


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