Royalty free photo courtesy of the lovely Christian Southworth who so generously shares his beautiful work at Freedigitalphotos.net

Saw a documentary recently called The Bridge. A raw vivid account of the lives of those who view the Golden Gate Bridge as more than a thing of beauty but rather a way to escape the darkest most debilitating form of depression. A stunning collection of footage and interviews with family members of those who fully realized their desire to end their suffering as well as those who attempted but reconsidered. Also included are interviews with witnesses, pedestrians taking in the view and observing more than they anticipated. Although profoundly sad the end result is an honest perspective on just how crippling undiagnosed depression can be.

Have you heard that Sleater-Kinny song called Jumpers about the Golden Gate Bridge and this subject? I understand the verse that goes "four seconds was the longest wait" now. The time it takes to get from the bridge to the water. I'll never look at the Golden Gate Bridge in quite the same way again.

The Mayo Clinic has a great collection of articles on the topic of depression. Be well friends, let's take good care of each other.


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