Heineken and a Hot Dog

My favorite story about my guy. He spent his 21st birthday with his Grandma Olive on a senior bus to Reno so they could go gambling together. And from what I hear Olive was a sucker for a special. The phrase "two for one" would set her pulse racing...they could have driven up together but on the senior bus you could get a screw driver and a bingo card for a few bucks and she was able to show off her grandson to her friends. So they rode the bus to Reno, he got dirty looks from the seniors on the bus for dominating at bingo and he enjoyed his first beer with his dear Grandma at a casino for lunch. What a killer lunch special: a Heineken and a hot dog for only $1.25! How many grandmothers do you know drink screw drivers for breakfast and Heinekens with lunch? How many 21 year olds do you know spend their birthday with their grandmother? That's my guy.

Happy Birthday Bear, I love you!


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