Extracurricular Activities

I love making things. I crafted my way through grad school, built up enough inventory in handmade jewelry and paper projects that I attended a few local craft shows and did alright making $500-$800 at each show. Had a shop on Etsy called Tart Designs sweet and juicy handmade jewelry for awhile too, here's a pic of a wire wrap necklace and a few cocktail rings I listed and sold:

For the past five years or so I've been an avid knitter, I especially love making toys they're fun and easy to whip up in a short amount of time here's a couple pics:

Hubby has his hobbies too. He has a collection of guitars: banjo, accoustic, electric and a handful of harmonicas as well. He loves collecting vinyl records too. I wonder what little Olive is going to be into...here's what she looks like at 20 weeks...stretching out my Sex Pistols t-shirt:
At this point she's described by my What to Expect app as a banana: 7inches, 11oz. Sweet girl, I love you so much already!


lessonsinlifeandlight said...

Gasp! I NEED one of your cocktail rings! So pretty!

I love your tummy! I'll be posting a new belly pic this week :)

Maria Elise said...

Thx Brit! Funny, it feels bigger than it looks. Can't wait to see what Baby Hobbs looks like now! Re: ring, absolutely! What size and what color?

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