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I'm only a couple days late with this spooky pic and way late in other respects. That's right friends...I have a little tamale in the oven! Have been scarce around these parts due to fatigue and an overall green feeling. I will keep the gruesome details of other peculiar changes in mind and body to myself except to add that it's truly amazing to experience how ravenous a 4.5 inch organism can be, compelling me to pull off for a Round Table pizza "snack" between meals in the middle of the day. Hubby and I can't wait to meet this sweet insatiable little peanut in the spring!

Wanted to share what the Aimee Mann show was like at Yoshi's in San Francisco! Dinner at Yoshi's was incredible. Dessert was especially ridiculous: a peanut butter cup pie topped with handmade peanut brittle and candied banana chips...so sinful! The show was in a separate area of the restaurant. An intimate venue that had the look and feel of a prohibition era club with round cocktail table style seating around a small stage framed by red velvet curtains. A two drink minimum during the show. And the strangest thing, my tea, served in a beautiful clay cup that looked like it was crafted from hand pounded silver had a slow leak somewhere because my yummy Numi tea kept escaping and pooling into a generous puddle on our table. Only a minor irritation.

But all in all it was another great show, here's the setlist. Songs 7,8,&9 are from her new project, a broadway play! She's so clever!:

Aimee Mann
Yoshi's, SF
October 8, 2010

1) The Moth
2) Freeway
3) Little Bombs
4) Thirty One Today
5) Medicine Wheel (written with sister Gretchen)
6) Going Through the Motions
7) Willing to Hurt the One You Love
8) Easy To Die
9) Las Vegas
10)Nothing is Good Enough
11)Guys Like Me
12)Build that Wall
13)Save Me
14)Wise Up


(some schmuck actually shouted out "Little Bombs!" to which she replied, "We played that one man, where the fuck have you been?" :)

16)Driving Sideways
17)Lost in Space


Anonymous said...

We're so happy for you guys, Sandra!

Maria Elise said...

Thx Brit!!! Xoxo

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