Yes! Pants! Good Thinking!

Nearly Completed Orange Crush Sock
1 of 2 (per the very best of intentions)

Like a loyal friend this sock has been by my side in good times and bad. We celebrated baby news, the Giants World Series win, and then there was also that time when a police officer told me to put some pants on. I don't think I've shared that story yet...I'll try to keep it brief. In September I heard incoherent shouting outside our bedroom window following a gun shot. Hubby pulled me outta bed and ushered me to the other end of the house before calling 911. The police responded right away and before too long an officer was at our door informing us we would need to be evacuated immediately, indefinitely. I'm new to this, thankfully it's not every day that an armed police officer raps on the door and says essentially, move it. now! So I grabbed my purse and said let's go. He took one look at me and politely said in a quiet voice, "um ma'am, you might want to put some pants on." Now remember this story began when I was in bed, I DID have jammies on and I was wearing a robe....but yes...pants was a fantastic suggestion! We were allowed back home at 3 am the next day...and neighbor is undergoing treatment. He apparently thought it a good idea to down an entire bottle of tequila on a sunday night and open fire in a residential neighborhood. All that wrapped up in one sock! Can't wait to see what the 2nd sock will bring!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Jesus. Please move immediately. And keep those socks away from me!

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