17 week old bun in the proverbial oven

Preparation, anticipation, excitement, insomnia, and an appetite that would make a lumberjack feel dainty. That's how I'd summarize 17 weeks. That and "nesting."

From what I understand babies have lots of things. Diapers, bassinets, cribs, clothes, blankets, toys, strollers, and even more that I have yet to discover. This hit me only recently (never claimed to be the smartest monkey at the zoo) and after I pointed out to Erik that every inch of "space" in our cozy 2 and 1 is maxed out, we talked for a long time about it and decided with heavy hearts to try selling the love nest, *sniff* *sniff*. I think deep down we are both secretly hoping that we don't get any offers before February (the month we both agree we should take it off the market if we don't get any bites) but on the off chance we do sell, we could potentially get more house for about the same mortgage payment or less. If we stay, we will have to get super duper creative, as in "hey this isn't just a porch! It's an office! Where we can work and I can craft in the great outdoors!" I feel so lucky and thankful to be fortunate enough to have choices like these at a time like this. It's only the beginning but it feels more worthwhile than I ever imagined. And now more than ever I am so appreciative of the loving, caring, friends and family that are apart of my life. I hope I can be half as loving and influential as you all have been to me! Sorry for the sappy downward spiral....but I mean it!



Anonymous said...

Look at how cute you are! Awwww! I just want to rub your belleh! As I was reading this it dawned on me that you and E might be interested in some of the same things Brent and I are interested in as far as babies go. Things like cloth diapering, for example. It's something I NEVER thought I'd do, but after two classes and gathering my own info, I can't wait to do it someday! It's so much easier than I ever imagined, not to mention green and can save you upwards of $2,000 a year. I have TONS of info so if you ever want any of it, just let me know!

Good luck with the house :)

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