Summer Flies

1) Finished Summer Flies a lovely triangular shawl pattern by Donna Griffin in Madelinetosh Pashmina in the Tart colorway. So soft and yummy, I want to gobble it up! Finished object is ALMOST so delicious that I'm nearly willing to forgive the hank for disintegrating in my hands when I attempted to wind it. A process that should have taken a few minutes ended up taking 4 hours and a mouthful of obscenities to complete.

2) Back to work...BLAH! But at least I do have a job to return to. There's no such thing as vacation when you are unemployed.

3) Learned "I'll Follow You Into the Dark" on the Uke:

Trouble is, I'm the only one who knows that I'm playing "I'll Follow You Into the Dark" at this point because I'm playing so slowly and incoherently. Hopefully with proficiency comes speed and accuracy.

4) Aimee Mann show in October, yippee!!!


Anonymous said...

I miss your face.

Maria Elise said...

No, I'm missin' yours Luv!

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