The Babysitter

My niece is getting so big! I know it's been said a million times, but thinking about who she is compared to who I was at her's amazing how sophisticated and sharp she is! I'm pretty sure I was still fascinated with silly putty at her age. I've noticed that she doesn't seem to dabble in her interests, she commits and excels. Here she is sporting her "if Fastpitch was any easier boys could play" sweatshirt. She loved playing softball so much that my sister and brother-in-law had her join a competitive league and she travels often and gets lots of playing time. She recently decided she wanted to babysit so she went and got herself certified. She's 12 folks! I was 30 before I got my credential. I'm so amazed by my niece and nephews...

Here's a mix for Franki the badass babysitter:

Babysitter-The Ramones
The Kids are Alright-The Who
Beat on the Brat-The Ramones (tongue in check of course!)
Mother's Little Helper-The Rolling Stones
The Babysitter's Here-Dar Williams

I can't think of any other kids related/coming of age songs...I know there's more out there...what am I forgetting?


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