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NYE Santa Cruz 2010

Went out to dinner the last night of the year. E made a comment about a band that was playing and said something along the lines of, "you should write a blog post about that." My response, "no, you should"...so here it is. A word from the hubby:

"Okay, so...It's New Years Eve, and I've decided to write a post. Don't get your hopes up as I'm nobody important and I'm not one for writing anything at all. I hate reading, I hate talking, I'm not a fan of people in general. I don't belong to Facebook or Myspace or Facespace (that's my wife interjecting trying to confuse me) but I do have a twitter account. I actually like twitter, because I can follow people I'm interested in. I have written a few tweets, but I wasn't a big fan of people reading what I had to say. I don't know how these people are able to say things all day long about what's going on, but I cannot stop following them! So that's the extent of my modest internet presence. Anyway, my real reason for writing this post is because, we were talking on New Years Eve, I heard the Traveling Wilbury's..I really love this group and what's funny is Roy Orbison usually stands out for me because he doesn't get too much love from anyone, but this go round Tom Petty occurred to me because I really think he is one of the most underrated singer songwriters of our time...so my wife, "MariaSquareOne," tells me that "Square One," is named after a Tom Petty song...first thought, is...great job me for not knowing that...second, is that's awesome, because, he is amazing...so it got me thinking of the top 5 underrated performers in my opinion. So in no particular order...here we go...and this is just what I listen to, so obviously there are 1000's more bands that you could argue should be on the list...I guess that's why you can write your own blog about it...which is I guess why I hate blogs...anyway...

1. Tom Petty-I Just explained this one, so there you go.
2. Eddie Vedder-Great band, great music, great lyrics with passion truly amazing.
3. The Black Crowes-Great rock and roll band, bascially a Rolling Stones Jr., however Chris Robinson, like E. Vedder has this soulful passion that he brings to each performance.
4. Ray Charles-Simply, one of the greatest musicans of all time. Talk about soul...he could sing a song about going to the grocery store that would give you chills...you always feel you are a part of his songs...and for F@#$ sake he was blind..good lord! Still in my opinion does not get enough credit.
5. Buena Vista Social Club-Look, I don't know a lot about these guys, I can't say I know the whole story I don't even know what they are saying and it gives me chills because I can feel that it's meaningful and important to them...and what else matters when you're talking about music.

I have to admit, writing this wasn't too bad. I really thought if I wrote a post I'd be ripping on people and I didn't...but I'm sure I will be destroying people in the near future..until New Year's Eve 2011. @luvboatcaptn is out..."

The wifey always gets the last word: I take issue with a few items here...1) "I hate reading, talking, and people?!" Someone's feeling cranky, who needs a nap? 2) What's with the blogger hate? Before you respond let me remind you that sofa city has a vacancy tonight. 3) "destroying people in the near future"...you're not fooling anybody you big teddy bear!


Anonymous said...

LOL! Yeah, what't this whole "I hate people" crap? That made me laugh because even though it may be true, I'd never describe E that way in a million years.

Love it when our guys post!

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