The Big Nothing

Did I already post this pic that Vanessa took back in July in San Francisco? That's my finished Ishbel and the backdrop is a meticulously cared for community garden.

Finished reading Elliot Smith and the Big Nothing a profile of the obscure but beloved singer song writer whose passing was as curious as his existence by Benjamin Nugent. Reads almost like a scrapbook pieced together by a friend of a friend spanning from childhood through his final days. Nugent's final product feels authentic and warm. Smith sounds like a very sweet man who was too sensitive for the world he lived in. He needed to find a new existence. I hope he ultimately found peace.

Here's the final refrain from Shooting Star from his final album Basement on the Hill which was released after his passing:

"I'm going to sleep now
Going back to find square one
Square two will be where I can deal with the shit you've just done
It won't be soon, to say the least it's gonna be hard
So bad, so far.
Your love is sad, shooting star.
Your love is sad, shooting star."

Tragic. "Your love is sad," wow. If that's not a lyric straight from the heart of a tortured soul who needed a change, I don't want to hear what is.

On a lighter note, I picked up another book today: Love is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield. The blurb on the back insists that I will "read these words, perhaps surprisingly, with joy in [my] heart and a song in [my] head." I'm in! Sounds great. I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I missed your posts! Glad you're back, cuz.

Maria Elise said...

Thx Cuz! Computer glitches stink. I miss you!

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