Bugs Stink!

First off, what do you think is feasting on my poor petunias?

Technical glitches stink so much! Blog in limbo thx to lousy internet connection at the casa...insists on shorting out every few seconds. Hunting and pecking this gloomy update via iPhone...will have to be brief. But want to share:

1) lovely show at the Crest a couple weeks back! Chrissie Hynde...flawless! She has somehow managed to dodge the aging process altogether. Her beau and bandmate is very much her junior. Their album is full of sweet songs about how smitten they are for each other. Their closing song was heartbreaking and went something like: "I was wearing my first wedding ring when you were just learning how to walk"...and "your day is tomorrow, mine was yesterday." Great show, the Crest is by far my favorite sacto venue...so warm, intimate, and nostalgic. I'll share more when I can type on a keyboard that's larger than a postage stamp.

2) Question: "the power of invisibility or the ability to fly?" which would you choose if you could? A delicious question posed by Ira Glass and the folks at This American Life. Me? Invisibility. But...my favorite reoccurring childhood dream involved me flying high above the beautiful orchards and fertile crops of the central valley...an amazing thrill!


Anonymous said...

I used to have flight dreams as a little girl too! Those were the best. But I'd have to say invisibility too. Imagine all the secrets you'd learn, lol!

Maria Elise said...

Agreed! The very best dreams include flying...but why do we stop dreaming about flight as adults? Invisibility would be fun too! Makes me think of Harry Potter's invisibility cloak! :)

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