Bacon vs Tofu

Had a great day today. Maybe because it started with a good laugh. E bought me these action figures for my desk at work, the set is called Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu. He said the set reminded him of me and the struggle that I sometimes succumb to with bacon. As a vegetarian this makes my cheeks turn pink with embarrassment to admit. I love that Monsieur Tofu is depicted as a sophisticated older man with a monocle and a handlebar mustache whereas Mr. Bacon is younger, slender and seductive with that come-hither look on his face. Oh bacon...why must you be so tasty?! As I'm sure you can tell, Monsieur Tofu is losing this battle.

A good friend of mine is puzzled by this weakness because although she eats meat, she thinks bacon is repulsive. She is every bit as quirky as I am though and when we were in school she entered a contest for a free t-shirt, if you knew her you'd know that she's not above tarting it up for a free tee it would appear given her massive collection of random shirts. Anyway, this manufacturer (of bacon, I presume) was running a promotion: pitch to us your best example of a food item that tastes better wrapped in bacon and win a free t-shirt. I think her entry was bacon wrapped tacos. She won a t-shirt which had all these little cartoon images of bright happy food items seemingly pleased to find themselves encrusted in the salty pork product. She wore this shirt often which I would tease was false advertisement since she didn't appreciate the magic of the salty, crunchy, comfort food.

Yes, I really am that simple of a gal. All it takes is a bacon action figure to make my day.


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